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coolzey – he did lyrics



in the back with a smile
and a rap with the style
got that good feeling
hope it lasts for a while

coolzey backwoods step three black and milds
smoke fills up the room, you be lacking style

groupies acting wild ‘cus they want a soap opera
go with your fantasy, girl, i won’t stop ya
you can have the drama
i can have the marijuana
in a sauna with donna and tonya

that’s right, i’m tightening up the loose screws
in the rap game it’s a shame, no more juice crews
just a bunch whoopty-whoop goofy fruit loop dudes
taking off your shirt when other dudes have to look at you

wait up, do you really shave your chest hair, b?
and do you really think your screwed up face is gunna scare me?
i’ll probably just chuckle
right before i slam your ugly grill into a turn buckle

i k!lled jekyll so now there’s no place to hide
best stay inside or get sprayed with insecticide

so who’s next to die an untimely death?
take your last breath
step up to the mic and make your little mess

and then watch me clean it up, heat it up, eat it up
just like a scrambled egg, i’m gunna beat it up
tee it up, drive it home, just like a chauffeur
back in the day i used to wear the penny loafers

aqua socks, big burmuda shorts and charm bracelets
now i make hits in apartments and basements

smoke blunts, poke stunts, and dabble in the magical realm of rap
i’m just trying to give back
the joy that was given to me
in my youth and throughout my whole life
‘cus this music saved my f-cking life

so why would i ever disrespect it, neglect it
yo, fedup, load it up, and k!ll the f-cking record

i’m here to do the opposite of what i’m told
pick up a brick and turn that shit into gold
hold my head high and laugh at the sky
get mad and cry, maybe get sad and die

this battle cry is mighty like a mantra
while most motherf-ckers shady like i bring contra

my rhymes want ya, taunt ya, tease ya
burn ya, freeze ya, give ya amnesia

i can get busy in a bedroom and then you
grapple with a grizzly bear spicing up the menu

coolzey does tricks no other emcee can do
like hand me the microphone disappear
jump outta the speakers and then do
five back flips in slo mo over the crowd
while playing my guitar with the amp turned loud

all the while i’m freestyling
and leaving a trail of swirling colors
that disappear into a portal leaving a small hazy cloud

that mingles with the cigarettes smoke in the bar
and there you f-cking are
faced with your mediocre life thus far

but then you look up and see that the jar
has holes that are just big enough to crawl out of
the light was shining through but you thought it was a star

and now you know, that it’s a way to go
and so you climbing up the side to the hole

poke your body through and leave the fake people back in h-ll
until it’s time to go back and tell
the tales god that told you to say
‘cus you’re a prophet now