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coolzey – the honey lyrics



let’s take it back one more time. let’s do it again
i’m so sick of people sitting ’round remembering when
why can’t we do it again? give me one reason why
you gonna sit and reminisce until the day you die?

why did you stop? did you get scared?
did you feel like you were the only one who cared?
well i’m here to tell you
that i’m here to help you
see that every single minute that you’re living is new

inhale the crisp clean january air
and quit swatting at the flies, they aren’t there
shake yourself loose. i know that blank stare
came from getting hurt
and now you’re afraid to care

remember when you ventured to the dragon’s lair
tried to snatch the jewels and be a dragon slayer?
i love you for that, and you know i don’t care
whether or not you got the key from the mayor

i know you tried real hard to be a taxpayer
until you realized that that shit wasn’t fair
decided that you no longer would be a player
and support the greedy b-st-rds who don’t know how to share

so you said ‘f-ck it. two tears in a bucket
p-ss me the ball i’m gonna run it and tuck it.’
bust through the scrimmage line
i’m not about ‘gettin’ mine’
‘cus life is a cartoon. word to roy lichtenstein


take off all your clothes. sneak on to a boat. sail to africa. sail

[schaffer the darklord]

back behind a broken down galleon i found ya
head full of valium, stella, and nostalgia
with a calendar, countin’ down and tallyin’
waitin’ for a song when the alb-m wasn’t out yet

rapscallion, silly-dilly-dallyin’
and couldn’t do the show ‘cus you were late for the sound check
now and then you like to act like nothing matters. hollerin’
‘forget about it’, but you aren’t even italian

you could have been valiant, mounted on a stallion
advancing on a palace at the top of that mountain
a paladin -ss-ssin, mighty like a falcon dressed in medals and medallions

but now you wallow in the hollowness of sadness
latched on events p-ssed or that haven’t happened
heart full of malice
bad or badly calloused
life is a party jam, not some sappy ballad man!

one more time let’s do it again
every moment’s in the middle, no beginning or end
no yesterday. no tomorrow. only this instant
spoon it up like honey, drizzle it upon your biscuit

there are two meanings of the word present
today is a gift friend
so go ahead and get it and open it
it’s for you
i’m hoping it’ll show you
that every single minute that you’re living is new


take off all your clothes. sneak on to a boat. sail to africa. sail