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coopsology – soggy waffles lyrics


you’re a waste
like rotten flesh
i’m like toothpaste
i keep it aqua fresh
when i’m on a beat there’s no stoppin’ it
you’ll see me on the street stompin’ it
i’m chompin’ it all so competent
get rid of you all with full confidence
and i’ll painfully pop the populace
pacifists plan to p-ss a fist
blocking it

i’m blasting off rocket ship
can kerbal kerban’s keep rockin’ it
cooper mcconaughey copied it
interstellar lines i’m droppin’ it
i’m floppin’ the beat like salvador dalí
in the paint like clocks of memory
i went back to the 20th century
you’ll need a step stool just step to me

bouta bite the bullet
so take big shots
i’ll throw it back up and make it rot
blockin’ your flow digestive blood clot
i’m dynamite digestin’ small tots

i gotta recipe that’s kinda new
i’m takin’ toddlers to make some tiny stew
your actin’ spastic
lactic acid
fermentate you and start to brew
cough cough cough coughin’ coffee
mispr-nounce candy loffy toffy
that was dumb like kamikaze
you’re lost so never eat waffles soggy