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corey ellis – famous (with javi) lyrics


(chorus: corey ellis & javi)
why you wanna be famous for?
doing everything you can
like trying to trap a man
i ain’t saying that we innocent
but it’s time we take a stand
how is a good plan to
live your life ignorant
[background javi]
it isn’t
[background javi]
it isn’t
(oooooh oohh)
[background javi]
it isn’t
why you wanna be famous for?
all i’m seeing is a game
only certain people play
but they will do anything

(verse 1: javi)
addicted to the cameras
shawty running game ain’t ever running out of stamina
shawty she a k!lla
ouu i got my hands up
run a n-gga pockets shawty tryna get her bands up
she be in and out the city lax and out to philly
catch her courtside in miami, all the ballers know the dealy
she just want a poppin n-gg- for the co-sign
think she only love me cuz she know that i’m a goldmine
why you think she all on me
cuz she a freak, no she ain’t cheap no
no that love it ain’t for free


(verse 2: corey ellis)
this sh-t is crazy
tryna have my baby
n-ggaz getting hip and then you tell me that i’m shady
but maybe
if i wasn’t getting paid we
wouldn’t have the issues you’ve been claiming

tell me how i’m gucci when i’m gucci when i’m broke
but you hate me when he pay me unless i want elope
and i know we
f-ck up
and i know we
l-st up
so now you don’t
trust us
but y’all acting h-lla sus
i ain’t really down for the but and them lip injections
i think we could work it out
and you don’t really need that make up on
i prefer au naturel
and baby you can buy that designer mink
and only have half the style
of a lady with a $15 budget at tj max with no -ss but it swing like pacquiao