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corey gipson – deserter lyrics


[corey gipson- deserter]

if i say it than i mean that
best believe that
four blunts already rolled out the green bag
on mission
fourth quarter make em listen
this is pipen next to jordan
end of quarter they gone pay attention
couldn’t stop it, nah you couldn’t stop
i’m like water carving rivers
this is natural.. f*ck profit
but want dollar
and got a dream
4am trying sleep adjusting changing scheme
and they say this is real life
but they only showing half on the news
this the journey we choose
f*cker go tie up your shoes
catch you slipping then they’re tieing the noose
ain’t it crazy yo?
cross seas k!lling off muslims like it was nothing though
black man murdered in public but it ain’t public though
we steady always talking about change but rarely manifest what we say
giving rest to the dead
before you’re resting your head
give thanks for the drank and the bread
giving thanks for the breathe in my lungs
stressed when i was young
looking how far i’d done come
ain’t it crazy tho?
built self straight from ground
now we brake down dutch till fill up with loud
now i’m plotting on blog posts
hoping that they see me
nine to five paint rolling hoping that this free me
believe me
leaving everything in my past in my past
cuz holding on to life make you crash
i’m laugh at world
it’s mine for the taking
waste no time in debating
im a god
on my job and i’m over my hours
i’m over working
sick of f*cking mixing a thing
my eyes hurting
d-mn? like where my engineer?
should of seen seen the kid grinding last year
last gear
but i’m over hill and cruising
hater can never get to a mill, they’re loosing
never waking up from my dream dog
im snoozing
not seeing all the lights they’re all illusion