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corey mills (rapper) – he’s shedding light lyrics


[intro: corey mills]
he’s shedding light (8x)
(unhuh, unhuh, okay, my problems, my shadows, my fears, my desires)

i realized that people find comfort in others more than they attempt to resolve their personal issues. and i’m one of those folks with personal issues- just like the entire world. i go to the source wherever it can be fixed -and whenever it is difficult to discover, i find the one who can fix and illuminate my problems. see! take a look

[verse 1: corey mills]
what we looking for? (huh)
maybe a hundred thousand?
what we cooking for? (huh)
just to get it? (lousy)
what we seeking for? (huh)
just to see her blouses?
man, internally we don’t know what we’re housing. (na)
look, i get in where i fit in, (yeah)
but my ceiling runs so high: (unhuh)
shorty’s faddy is appealing, so i’m drilling:
i ain’t gone lie! man, i’m battling this k!lling (yeah)
but my shield is running dry;
i am wielding to this feeling. (unh)
seal it up with a prayer. faith! i’m not giving in to this
what we like to see, man, i’m within an inch of it
i’m where you want to be-
having parties on the beach with all these curves after curve
let me curb this adrenaline. (yea)
i’m gone take this problem to the king. (yea)
bro, the lord-he’s my strength; (unhuh)
on his shoulder’s i will lean. (lean on)
i keep looking at my wrist; (yea)
making sure that i don’t glee. (unhuh)
i remember his request: take your cross and follow me

[chorus: corey mills]
you ain’t got to find me- the sh-r- is where i be
as i step i lead
with this breath i breathe, i be shedding light
see, he’s the one right king
i will bow my knee (and)
with his sword, he’ll lead. (2x)
i be shedding light

[verse 2: corey mills]
(ay) find jesus. we know where he’s at. (yea)
let the lion meet you; he’ll leave you intact. (yea)
he defines peaceful; ain’t no hurt in that. (look)
we’re a dying breed, but he can bring us back. (unh)
turn us over. (motor) rollercoaster
making sweet things happen; call him russell stover
got his hands in the depths, so he’s reaching lower
bringing men out of traps; turning them to soldiers. (yea)
but can we get over this chatter that can push us to the edge (yea)
because it really doesn’t matter. (na)
even though i may get fed up, i’m working for the latter. (unhuh)
and if push comes to shove, man, i’ve got my battle rattle
wait! (listen up)
i am talking [a]bout the word. (yea)
got it stored in my heart
now i feel like i be swerving on my haters
let me stop because the tables will be turning
when my time finally pops, then the lord will be shining on


[verse three: corey mills]
my yoke is easy, my burden’s light- (he said)
just let me lead you, i’ll give you sight (he said)
and i will feed you abundant life (he said)
i have redeemed you, i am the christ. (yea)
it behooves me to tell you [that]
although i work as a man, i’m a failure (yea)
saved by his grace
but i’ll stand and i’ll tell you-
sail you the truth from a chute of a mail room