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corey yanks – 91737 [90210 remix] unreleased lyrics


mama coming… she’s coming for the 917….

{verse 1}
she’s a ratchet hoe… all from the gardens
(haha f-ck ya know)
living at her parents house…. living off them paychecks
oh, created day creek all from her -ss cheeks
(i hope its fat like kim k’s tho!)
ooh, sucks d-ck instead of paying for the gas in the car
(yeah but i know he likes it tho, hahaha)

shawty stuck on the hoeness
do do do do, do do do do

{verse 2}
brandon turn bruavo, takes anything that ain’t to crazy
50 on a hat, another 150 for a jersey
he might buy a few, buy a ton, buy a rack
buy the whole hat club, buy anything to just fit in with society
hmm, yeah, now he’s ahead of the society, mm

shawty stuck on the hoeness
do do do do, do do do do

in the 91737, 91737, looking for that money
in the 91737, 91737, looking for that money, ooh
it’s the popular girl, popular girl, out here sucking d-ck for that money
baby’s hooked on feeling numb
in the 91737, 91737, somewhere at the gardens

{verse 3}
my granny called, she said “brandon, you get played to much
i’m afraid you’re not gonna find love”
i’m falling for the “one” over and over
don’t worry, imma find her, granny
what happened? my mama happy, my granny done called me up
i got the girl i needed, i’m happy now
guys look! i made it now! (straight up)
all the days with her, she makes me happy, i make her happy
it’s all easier now! (it’s lit)
friends think she cheatin’ or she ain’t worth my time, i think i’m just blinded in it
blinded by the stupidity, and the using
never seen happiness since that one b-tch
she was great, fantastic, crazy, boring as h-ll, but she was mine, now i can’t trust a b-tch
d-mn, the times change on a man who don’t keep up on the change
keep up, keep up, keep up, keep up, you gotta keep on this generation man
they’ll catch you slipping, pull the glock (bddah)
then they’ll shoot ya (shoot)
all this rapping should’ve wrote this in spanish
yeah, mmm, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know
brotha said we at the gardens, yeah, we ’bout to inhale in the life
he p-ss it, i swerve it
tell kenna to put them poles down, them poles down
never love the ones who never loved you
hit that stage, they got their hands up, don’t put your head down
i ain’t knockin’ bro, i’d be knocked the down, for sure now
the whole fam looking at me, straight counting on me
racks on racks, i got a pack on me
living in a house, while they got a jacket on ’em
holy father, come please save them, i keep styling on ’em
good lord, i see good success with these people
we’d be driving to fast to stop, so all these signs, i ignore them
distant sky, from north of the border my chips is in order
my mom’s biggest supporter so now haters support a hater