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cormega – genuine article lyrics


i bust my -ss for what i have, n0body gave a f-ck
and i ain’t wanna ask for a hand and get the finger
understand i ain’t tryna hear it
i’m what they wanna hear
the art is regarded as the heart of the streets, you wasn’t there
you lack burden of proof, my rap’s truth
resonated through pen and paper, stimulated many
ain’t it, deep how i never let opinions fade me?
i know they hate me ’cause they ain’t me, so to see me make it
agonizes snakes and liars have no grace and desire
i patiently waited then came with the fire that rages inside me
flamin’ rhymer, dreamin’ ain’t nicer
see the light when they awake into my greater horizon
require change of environment, no love lost, haters inspirin’
new ways of thinkin’ makin’ me rise to the occasion like kyrie
determined to reap the goal, whoever oppose, i serve them
food for thought, i put work in, my word is bond
to my culture is proud that i wrote this
art is exalted, calm yet ferocious
god bless the child who could hold his
i’m focused, starin’ at the ocean
searchin’ for peace as i question life’s purpose
seem certain, indeed, these verses
hold weight like ace in the cleaners
able to distinguish the difference between thinkin’ and schemin’
it’s like bein’ tired of waitin’ when patience is needed
is it safe for a dreamer in a city that never sleeps?
every day you awake is succeeded
indeed the degree of separation increases with measures taken
inconceivable within reach, no limitations
if you ever hesitated on mega, maybe you ain’t know
i never needed your validation