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corries – ettrick lady lyrics


as i gang doon the etrick highway at the hour o’ 12 at night;
what should i spy but a handsome las-sie, combin’ her hair by candlelight.
first she combed it, then she brushed it;
tied it up wi’ a velvet band;
ne’er hae i seen such a handsome l-ssie
all up an’ doon ov’r all scotland!


fallah-tallah rhu-dhumma, rhu-dhum, rhu-u-dhum;
fallah-tallah rhu-dhumma, rhu-dhum-day!

l-ssie, i hae come a-courting, your kind favors for to win;
and if you’d but smile upon me, next sunday night i’ll call again.
so to me you came a-courting, my kind favors for to win;
but ‘twould give me the greatest pleasure if you never would call again!
what would i do, when i go walking, walking out in the ettrick view;
what would i do when i go walking, walkin’ oot wi’ a laddie like you?

– cho. –

l-ssie, i hae gold and silver, l-ssie i hae houses and land
l-ssie, i hae ships on the ocean, they’ll a’ be at you’r command.
what do i care for your gold and silver,
what do i care for your houses and land?
what do i care for your ships on the ocean?;
when all i want is a handsome man!

– cho. –

did you ever see the gr-ss in the morning, all bedecked with jewels rare?
did you ever see a handsome l-ssie, diamonds sparkling in her hair?
did you ever see a copper kettle, mended up wi’ an old tin can?
did you ever see a handsome l-ssie married up tae an ugly man?

– cho. x 2 –