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cory gunz – ghost town lyrics


whoa now
lil n-gg-s dying frontin’ for hoes now
other n-gg-s lying on what they hold down
but that shit is quiet in ghost town
yeah, i play the corner, i post up
n-gg-s look at me funny, they get grossed up
thirty dirty shooters aimin’ they toast up
you know the motto, all shots close up
this where it goes down, ghost town

[verse 1]
they been plottin’ for the longest to get ya and paint ya
wit’ ya n-gg-s, you see something wrong with this picture?
ain’t n-body tryna stop him, you deserve it, you heard it?
n-gg- play me in the street, i’ll bet the curb’ll get murdered
rhyming like all i’m missing is determined for certain
i’m bombing like all i’m missing is detergent inservice
on my third bottle of bourbon, the tahoe is swervin’
wit’ a model, i’m curvin’ cause i’m a role model to children
it’s a b-mpy road to success, it’s not all endurin’
ironic, nothing to eat when the potholes are dirty
so this time around, i promise i keep breeze out of shop
i cannot promise you squeeze to pull the teeth out my crotch
i’m a beast in the pox, you’re a feast for the fox
people seat in your spot for more than alicia get popped
never reaching for my features for my features to flop
when my shit pop in the stadiums for bleachers to drop, ha!


[verse 2]
heh, get by wit’ my militia
if spittin’ was knittin’ b-tch, i doubt if i could stitch it
i don’t know how they figure perpetratin’ perfect pimpin’
allergic to a bird like a plate they serve a shrimp in
what the f-ck was you sippin’? that shit must got you trippin’
heart skippin’, you slippin’, they bout to park your whip in
thinkin’ my gift is only gab, i can show it isn’t
even present decision is a m-th-f-ckin’ written
watch him get all emotional
screamin’ “god help!” like he devotional
n-gg-, why you getting emotional?
guess this rap shit is promotional, hahaha