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craig bennett – senior year lyrics


[verse 1: craig]
i like my white b-tches tan
silky smooth skin to the hand
brought in the preme headbands
then y’all all hop on bandwagon
y’all watch me and boyscout we glo’d
nudes from your hoes, don’t even talk to them though
walk around fort i stayed high
craig he went ghost
stack up my guap on the low
reached a couple f-cking bands
i bought a civic and then me and boyscout was whipping
bought 56 grams and we flipped it
then flipped a qp and thought we was the sh-t
bought 1000 xans, always off the sh-ts
brought bands into fort in the hallways i felt like a god
made fun of us for blasting future
but look in the future
you tweet lyrics on my timeline
i was not fronted sh-t
craig bennett don’t take out no loans
on some other sh-t
while y’all was just sitting at home
best part you don’t even know
best part is there’s probably some stories we never gonna tell
that sh-t started off of lincolnville road
now i’m making music out of my home

[verse 2: boyscout]
n-gg-s wanna be about it, all they do is talk
you should know my life cause i put it in these songs
f-ck my old friends, cause they all just did me wrong
and these hoes all on my d-ck because i just put them on
y’all just on some old sh-t
cause i just put you on
and my daddy ain’t do sh-t
my momma just went close
my daddy tried to f-ck with me, but we ain’t really close
i was living with lil craig because i fell off with my folks
and i swear i’ll shoot the round if that n-gg- wanna joke
catch me out in public, if you see me know i’m stoned
i was off the f-cking xans that’s why i didn’t pick up the phone
and i ain’t tryna serve you n-gg- please just leave me lone
used to be so broke, i ain’t coming home
0 dollars had to get it on my own