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craig xen – brute lyrics


schema schema!!

[verse 1]
bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy
young craig xen bring the pain to ya city
picking the limbs of the weak and limp
we compete till ya show no pity
b-tch n-gg-s get they -ss swollen
oughta let ya know that i have no friends
all alone i roll through the abyss with sick twisted thoughts that go through this pen
hey, let me breathe
told you motherf-ckers to leave me to be in peace
but you consistently reach out
like i wouldn’t dish out a can of whoop -ss and make y’all bleed
independently i stay in town
even if you ken to me they wanna see me fall
wanna see me fail
guess outlines i got my back to the wall
and i shall prevail
young craig xennah, young pen pimper
comin’ from a place weak ones can’t enter
sinister sinner livin’ in sin in the land of the fallen
where the darkness has no limits
i’ma rain hard
get a tank on
all of these nylon n-gg-s who claim hard
witness the sickness that i diminish these
d-ck linkin’ b-tch made punk motherf-ckin’ n-gg-s

rise rise rise
as i [x4]
rise rise rise rise rise