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crazy ex-girlfriend cast – flooded with justice lyrics


[people from the valley]
can you hear a dripping sound?
that’s the leaky sink of change
it’s a drip drip drip
that no handyman can fix

for we shall not be ignored
till our honor is restored
and our bas-m-nt is flooded with justice

soon the raging waters
will crash upon the sh-r-
when we sing of “raging waters”
it’s not just a metaphor

what we mean is it’s also
a water park in san dimas
but that set aside
it’s not what we are marching for

can you hear a trickling sound?
that’s the faulty faucet of truth
it’s a drip drip drip
that will make you go
“what is that?”

we shall not be denied
till we restore our pride
and then we’ll all go to raging waters!

[baldwin park representative, spoken]
and we’ll ride dr. von dark’s tunnel of terror!

[man in crowd]
good idea, baldwin park!

for we have had enough
of hollywood stealing our water
they’re probably using it
to make party drugs and oscars

our precious water shouldn’t be
funneled to celebrities
no more water for
b.j. novak’s ecstasy factory

[b.j. novak, spoken]

can you hear a trickling sound?
that’s the ch-nky shower of glory
a drip drip drip
that will keep you up all night

and then you’ll be late for work
and you won’t be able to focus
and you’ll come home to a bas-m-nt
that’s been flooded
flooded with justice

[josh, spoken]
you ready?

[b. j. novak, spoken]
well, back to the old ecstasy factory… excuse me…