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crazy ex-girlfriend cast – i gave you a uti lyrics


what’s that burnin’ feelin’
every time you pee?
well, that’s how it goes
after you have so
much awesome s-x with me!

i gave you
a uti!
yeah, i gave you
a uti!

my sweet love injection
caused a urinary tract infection!
i’m just that good
i didn’t even try, try, try
i gave you a uti!

okay, so it’s not really a comment on the quality of the s-x as much as a lot of s-x has been happening and there’s just a very natural transfer of bacteria—

don’t ruin this for me!

that bladder inflammation
is my little gift to you!
yeah, sometimes chicks need medication
after what i put them through!

c’mon, sing with me!

no, i’m not gonna do that

i gave you—i gave you
a uti—a uti!
yeah, i gave you—i gave you
a uti—a uti!

i’m so good at s-x
your maidenship got wrecked!
my p-n-s is the reason you may die, die, die!
i gave you a uti!

one night with me is pure ecstasy
’cause i know just what you like
but you should know for a week or so
you won’t be able to ride a bike!

i’m sorry if you have to cancel that spin cl-ss. i’ll pay the cancellation fee because i know a lot of times, you have to book the specific bike in advance. anyway…

i gave you—i gave you
a uti—a uti!
not an std—no stds!
just to clarify

if it hurts to take a leak
well, that’s just part of my technique
what has two thumbs and gave you a uti?
this guy!
i gave you a ut—
i gave you a ut—
i gave you—
a u…