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crazy ex-girlfriend cast – women gotta stick together lyrics


women gotta stick together
each and every day
women gotta stick together
in each and every way

females helping females
for the greater good
sisters helpin’ sisters
that’s called sisterhood!

women have the power—
the power to make a change
like this girl should pluck her eyebrows
and those jeans should be exchanged
you really need a size up!

some girls are born tall and thin
and some are short and fat
this girl smells like sausages
but there’s nothing wrong with that!

women gotta stick together
all across this land
except denise martinez
that b-tch i cannot stand
oh, hey, denise!

hey, girl!

females helpin’ females
like this girl here with the blotchy face
she banged her best friend’s boyfriend
in the bathroom of that half-priced sushi place


oh, you didn’t know?

so let’s all spread this message
like caitlin spreads disease
’cause a change is coming faster
than ashley drops to her knees

together we can clear these hurdles
except marissa ’cause she’s four-foot-eight
we can climb every mountain
if the rope can support haley’s weight

women gotta stick together
do everything we can
so if some weird troll named rebecca moves here from new york and is all up on my boyfriend
i’m gonna… lend her a helping hand!

women gotta stick together
and tell each other the truth—
the truth is you’re all fat sl-ts
and that’s called sisterhood