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crazy-jay – champion lyrics


[verse 1: crazy-jay]

flipping it whipping it and im k!lling it so i guess that means im winning as of today young crazy-jay with the w.t.x gang its been so long, and all i really want to do is dominate
hit the fade ace i don’t need no f-cking gatorade never break a sweat call me hardaway living in a land where money is everything enslave by the usa
but enough of the bullshit that im talking bout im locked in the game , just tryna make it out
i am the champion i am the king, if you dont believe me show the bling on the ring. no thats not my baby mama this ain’t billy jean, girls falling on top of me this ain’t what it seems. don’t f-ck with you niggas, yall crusty im cl-ssy walk into school with tha suit, yall walk into school like wannabe athleats. sadning disgrace ya girl is a basket case she sucking my d-ck so i’ll show her the way. the way of a god when i put my foot down i’m not playing games. let me tell you what im tryna say this isn’t just gonna be a good day i’ve been gone so a comeback was made by your one and only boy crazy-jay. i’ll be here every weekday, comming up with new shit basicaly like everyday. (there was supposed to be a hook in this but i just can’t resist to me im going in and if my crew dont think so then im pulling out but its already too late cause i nutted in her face and then i realise what the hell did i say
[hook] i’m a champion don’t settle for less, f-ck with my squad i will break your neck. know your own lane when i step in the place b-tch i’m so wavy but thats not the case
[verse 2 noah piper]