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creating the godform – the idol lyrics


failing to notice his approach, the foul serpent is among us now
carc-sses scorched and turned to sludge
rotten fumes engulf him
forced to worship at his blackened feet
whilst still we grovel and ferment as we embrace defeat
we’ve been defiled by his hand, we have been conquered
he is the harbinger, sent from the furthest realms
to extinguish what we have become! patiently seeking
actively raping
flocks of ruthless serpents descend upon man
abysmal and austere by nature, attune to attrition
the auguries have been foretold
of an ancient idol that shall cleanse this very land
on which we proclaimed to be gods!
we were far too arrogant! kneel
with what’s left of you! sc-m! he is the idol, sent from the furthest realms of time
to lay waste to aberrant species! flocks of wrath-filled serpents descend upon man
averse to our existence and plague upon the earth!
patiently seeking out filth which still clings
actively raping their putrid remains
this ancient idol has come to reckon! cleanse
he is the harbinger and brings about the cleanse
abysmal and austere! attune to attrition
the auguries have been foretold