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cricket – 1-up lyrics


they say you’re quitting and there’s money somewhere else
they say you dropped the act to take care of yourself
so wipe off the make up
take the chains off
time to forget where you came from

sell your soul to satan and dress up like someone else
then, get a job
give up the chase
its far past time to quit

because money’s far morе important
than stupid art bullsh+t

well i know, i know, i know i’m reckless
know i’m greedy, know i’m sеlfish
dont care what happened to you
i’ll have my cake and eat it too

na na nana na na nana na na nana na na nana
na na nana na na nana na na nana na na nana

[verse 2]
so i’ll smash my fingers strumming at a breakneck speed
and ill play piano fake some talent
while they’re still healing
when my knuckles start to bleed out on the keys as i play more
i’ll think “wow, i am so edgy! what an awesome metaphor!”
we pretend like its so cool to be
immobilized by pain
i’m so sorry that you like my songs
because you can relate
i’m just singing cause i like to cause
and it helps me to relax
but why the f+ck would i want anybody to feel sad?

cause its not about the pain
its about where the pain came from
and the fact that you’re depressed
means you know you were happy once

if you think that hope is hopeless
i hope i can lend a hand

the reason you’re alive
is so that you can love again

[chorus 2]

na na nana na na nana na na nana na na
nana ooooo ooooo
na na nana na na nana na na nana na na nana x2

[verse 3]

fight with all your power
and you fight with all your heart
but you fight with one another so your dreams are torn apart
wish that i can do more other than just give you this advice

you can have a different dream
until the day you f+cking die

i know that i am not perfect i know that n0body is

i know having flaws is human i know we’re all full of sin

but i spent my life online wishing that
i was someone else
and when your whole life is comparisons
you’ll start to hate yourself

i’m so sorry that i hurt you and that i
can’t make it up

i’m so sorry that you’ve run into a
spell of real bad luck
i’m so sorry i’m a liar and that i didn’t f+cking care

and i’m sorry to my mom that this song has so many swears

but i swear that you are good enough
you’re good enough for you

you can hold your sword and fight
through all the never ending blues
while the war might last forever you
gotta promise me you’ll try

cause once this all is over you won’t
get an extra life


and i hope heaven is forever and that we all get to go

and its just as cool as i thought it’d be when i was 10 years old

i hope i get to see you catch up and tell you the news

that everything worked out for me and it worked out for you

cause in heaven there’s no music
there’s no metal there’s no punk
because we’re all so happy and now we don’t need that stuff
i know it doesn’t make much sense, but i think in the end
i would rather be happy than to make sense when i’m dead

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