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cristian fitz – random thoughts lyrics


everyone around me, they would never get it
do they love me ’cause i’m hurtin’ or they get the message?
only love me when i’m workin’ ’cause they want percentage
i remember late night writin’ here to tell you the truth
back when really, i had nothin’ to lose
back when—ugh! f-ck it, brace yourself for the news
now i got nothing to lose
and nothin’ to gain by not tellin’ the truth
been barely believing in love
i still really don’t even know if i do
but if someone was ever to make me believe
then that someone is you, i promise it’s you
i never took action, you’re snapchattin’
askin’ me where all my music is at
we’re talkin’ right now as i’m writin’ this rap
you’re someone i wish that i always could have
and to be blatant, girl, your name is—
still can’t say it
never could say it, scared you would hate it…
why am i obsessed with the past?
why are you obsessed with your last?
talk about a lame motherf-cker
everybody know that i’m up, right now
21 pm thoughts got me up, right now
wonder if you ever gave a f-ck, right now
wonder who you tellin’ that you love, right now
wonder if i’ll ever fall in love, right now
wonder if i’ll ever meet the one, right now
wonder if you’re missin’ what it was, right now
wishing i could answer all above, right now