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crmc – real friends lyrics



aye, they k!lled my n-gg- i dont want to believe it. nah
how you gon stab me?
and they want to be treated like you was the one that was bleeding, nah

broke boy but you had beef forever
og fats lets wake em up know they can’t sleep forever
my n-gg- lost his life wish we could be together
i guess he thought he could be in these streets forever
he said who needs ambition when you got ammunition
and who thinks about christmas when your whole family’s missing
i told him you must like the devil cause you dancing wit him
i bet the one you answer to dont got the answers
ain’t no water in yo crib, but its water in yo eyes though
my n-gg- trappin with his daughter on his side though
yup, ain’t did nothing but im still gon run from 5-0
we ain’t meant to survive yo, uh
look at em mossed up cause the shit that i brought up
look at this shit we call love, look at this shit we all love
them hoes love it, im gold blooded not cold blooded
so we dont want to hear it like joe budden, i dont want it
so sudden, god knows he kept the ball rollin
i lost friends but never lost focus
thinking bout life while im rollin a fat one
i pray my n-gg-s’ll still be around when the cash come
and all these n-gg-s they hearts getting bigger as soon as they blast guns
and listen to future cause they know they dont have one
played for blood and meat, if i dont win i dont eat
he said that n-gg- took his chicken, when he see him its beef
if he dont win, he dont eat gotta stick and move, stick and move
gotta make, different moves when you got shit to lose, shit to lose, uh
we get that money, invest in it, and me and og here, if we never argue for petty shit
he told me he can’t wait until we livin so wealthy
i told him loyalty is gold bro, you know we already rich
and if your friend sideways, get you another
and if they dont discuss others with you, they’ll discuss you with others
woah, woah
in the whip, ridin’ with a chopper in it
and now the cops just pulled behind us, tryna stop a n-gg-, woah
i won’t surrender until its out the window, woah
b-tch i ain’t tryna do my life in prison
real friends, ha, thats real friends, yeah , woah
i had this side chick, man she used to mean the world
she would never say shit if she would see my girl
thats my real friend, haha, yeah
thats real friends, yeah. bardy
ain’t no time for them boys, i got a short fuse
everybody say whats up, i won’t support you
where ya real friends?

real friends?
how many of us, how many of us, how many of us?
real friends….. look, look
i love my n-gg- real, that boy truly a soldier
real friends, before they died that n-gg- cried on my shoulder
i had to be there , took a piece of his soul the same day he was buried
my n-gg- forty came thru with 2 horses a carriage
? and true n-gg-s, but we mobbin thats scary
swear to god i wished i helped the same day you was carrying
and tell him hold, keep fighting i know was angels around
i heard he opened his eyes, im screamin “pray for you now”
and tell blood whats good, my n-gg- one step closer
i miss you, im still grindin till im up on them posters
they even k!lled my n-gg- herc, and we was way past friends
any cousin on the step, my n-gg- im 3 cups in
bro yum been doing time, i never wished that shit
he said his son just grew teeth and he missed that shit
ain’t seen his son since he was 2 weeks old
and my dawg just found his mom and she was 2 days cold
from the struggle with no heat, you end up using that stove
and you ain’t jordan, you steve curry n-gg-s stick to your role
charge this shit to the game, n-gg-s shootin for names and even war
and the hardest always turned to a target, easiest score
30 shot pistol we clutchin off for the buzz
rock n-gg-s and pop n-gg-s all for the love
my man derrick just did a dime said “we moving like the rock and em”
he tried to get a job but the government’ll box you in
he said “im trappin in the field, ain’t no stoppin him
and i ain’t going back to jail they rockin me or im rockin em”
had a fallout with my n-gg- and get his son out for christmas
put the toys over the friendship and now this shit so distant
real friends, ha, real friends, yeah
steve harvey give you hope when your family is loosin
but how the f-ck we come together when the family is feudin
how many n-gg-s tell you ? ones then get caught in a lie
i just hope one day you smile just as much as you cry
the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
the darker the flesh, the sweeter the roots
im speaking the truth
and when my crib burned down, boy you wasn’t there
they said its easy to go down instead of other stairs
you ain’t gon run into your closet just like jason did
you ain’t gon handlin that rock just like jason kid
real friends, yeah, real friends