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croc bolton & alex auld – sleep lyrics


[intro: sample]

[verse: croc bolton]
another night sleep deprivation
when i conk out i can sleep for the nation
netflix on my kindle watching breaking bad
one more episode syndrome yes i got it bad
i do a season in a night in just one sitting
ill start the next one to see what i’m missing
i find myself straying
on to xhamster clear my histories and cookies like a internet gangsta
you would of thought that i lost my energy
on the contrary clock please defend me
finally i feel the f-cks asleep
only to wake up cause my clock has tortured me
f-ck i got work i’m to tired i’m finished
i hit the snooze b-tton for ten more minutes
i walk to work and i’m feeling tired
but when i return ill be feeling wired

[chorus: croc bolton]
i struggle to sleep
but when i sleep i can sleep for a week
i said i struggle to sleep
but when i sleep i can sleep for a week
i said i struggle to sleep
but when i sleep i can sleep for a week
i said i struggle to sleep
but when i sleep i can sleep for a week

[verse: alex auld]
sometimes it’s good just chilling in the dark
when find its slumber time i never find it hard to sleep
i’m never defeated
caught up consciousness but i was just leaving
arise from the cave you thought was the catacombs
who dares to wake me during the afternoons
tryna catch a snooze bombarded by blues
always up to date with the irrelevant news and clues
towards a particular matter
instead of chatter expect a face full of laughter
disregard situations which may erupt after
i absorb the source like a cordless adapter
headed towards my bed cause i needed a trip
tried stayed up as long as peter did
p-ss people off count all of the objections
persist on doing so until i build a collection

[chorus: croc bolton]

[verse: croc bolton]
i break the routine
tackle this one different
off the electrical equipment
on a counting sheet mission
my mind begins to race a million miles an hour
pulling hypotheticals my process and power
to go to the doctors to get a prescription
cause i think i lost my sleeping intuition
and now my missions to sign a pet-tion
to get my sleeping habits put back in remission
and i wanna go sleep at reasonable time
and i don’t wanna wake up with a tear in my eye
looking outside and the suns p-ssed me by
you couldn’t wake me up no matter how hard you try
but the truth is i don’t give a f-ck
im up all night cause i can’t get enough
and living out my pockets
no regrets
cause i will never stop it

[chorus: croc bolton]

[outro: sample]