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crooked i – all eyez on me lyrics


hip hop weekly, crooked i
c.o.b., treacherous
ya’ll know what i’m doing right
you know what i’m doing
’07 baby, we put this hip hop weekly shit in effect
and we went hard, did it like bosses
i’m only going to week 52 then i’m through
that’s a whole year, you know what i’m saying
for my people out there
that’s how we get down
hey, it’s the holidays though, this how c.o.b. do it

yeah, got some of that 2pac in the background, you know
exchanging gifts with people you love
haha, yeah
eating all kind a shit
n-gg-s full as a motherf-cker
got that e & j in the eggnog and shit
ya know i’m talkin’ ’bout
some of that motherf-ckin’ irk and jerk
my cousin saucy got chronic in the air, everywhere
that’s how we do it on the holidays, ya know what i mean
playing that ps3, c.o.b

[verse 1]
i need monster bling, i need a sponsor
a trump-type chick who ball like ivanka
give me them hummers, them grown man tonkas
i could buy it for myself but i don’t wanta
it’s opm, other people’s money, i’m an entre-
peneur and my customers are rastas
no douglas furs, green trees of ganja
leave santa some weed brownies and keep them kush lit
let the elves help themselves to some of that good shit
i’m young crook b-tch
i’m like the emblem on a phantom
when it’s sold, i’ma pop up on some hood shit
since i was a little lad, blame it on my missing dad
shit is sad but hip hop music is all a n-gg- had
riding dirty like my n-gg- cha
i wanted to be like jordan, not michael, my n-gg- brad
scarface, show you how tar taste
when i knock you to the streets my heart’s in a dark place
ar in a guitar case, [?] sparks while your heart race
them bullets got sharp teeth, my targets are shark bait
wait, i apologize, that’s no good
goon talking in the holidays, that’s so hood
nowadays crooked change it for the better while you do whatever
to get famous my n-gg- you change it for the cheddar
the hood, you claimin’ it forever
but see you left us hanging like a sweater
in the closet on that false shit
mouth running like farrah and her faucet
on that boss shit, stealing my swag, aw shit
dog quit, i floss ’til i’m exhausted, the necklace frostbit
the medallion got diamonds on both sides now
that’s how i double-crossed it
pause b-tch, off my b-lls can ya’ll get
and don’t come back to the hood again
i’m giving out toys in the ghetto right where you shoulda been
put this in your new myspace bulletin
c.o.b. play the position the hood put us in
changing the world, that’s on my wishlist
while bill o’reilly fights the senseless war on christmas
where’s your morals, a horrible thing to quarrel about
while there’s children living poor in the drought
no doubt the word drought show you what a metaphor’s about
because katrina made it poor in the south
couldn’t imagine drowning on the second floor of my house
making a floating device out of my door or my couch, ouch
sell-outs, i guess i made a track for you
get back to the hood, that’s what made it crack for you
that’s why your security backdoor you
and when you get your chain snatched, don’t call me to get it back for you
hollywood rapper, yeah your record number one
but i’m the reason your whole relationship troublesome
your wife kiss you, her breath smelling like bubblegum
cause all she gets from me is hard d-ck and bubble yum
’tis the season, tits i’m squeezin’ then i’m leavin’
while i got the gift of breathin’
this free air cause in the pen the air ain’t free there
your husband come home, b-tch i’m squeezin’
this my reason, i ain’t dying for the either of you
plus i got more weeklies to do

hahahaha, you know what i’m talking about
shouts out to frank

[verse 2]
i got more weeklies to do
you see the weeklies give you a peek in my life, give your speakers a view
my music’s a movie, it features my crew
it’s the steroid flow, where’s the mitch-ll report
i’m pitching to clemens while barry bonds sitting in court
they call the flow delicious
blow, get hollywood b-tches to snort
sick lyrics of the ridiculous sort
let it spread ‘cross the nation
serve you like arthur ashe
rockin’ a mask so call this off the jason
yes, my smith and wess finesse altercations
walking with chest out like breast augmentation
looking for another gun i could misuse
like [?] publication i got issues
like i stepped in dog shit, i got ish shoes
that i’m trying to get through so excuse
me, i don’t perpetrate
like lesbos with strap-ons i give it to you straight
i give it to you straight like vodka with no chaser
even if it hurt like pockets with no paper
brand new west, i’m leading the revolution
every seven days i’m bringing you evolution
dude i’m never losing, shooting every night like it’s new year’s eve
why, cause that’s my new year’s resolution
bang this when you roll in the projects
out west, these weeklies are a moment of progress
i got a tall n-gg- suffering from a napoleon complex
why you scared? i’m only the loch ness
monster, n-gg-

hahaha, i’m a monster
and all eyes on me
live the life of an eastsider until the day i die
live the life of a hoo-rider, they call me crooked i
yeah, ya’ll know what it is
it’s hip hop weekly man
all eyes on a g
shouts out to my dude ruben man
nore in orlando, mary
r.i.p. to munchy
i got you mac capone, hey
what up evan, aj, guilty one
jay u what it do, miss kush mami
we going out with a bang man
you know what i’m talking about
it’s hip hop weekly
ya’ll know what we did right, in ’07, ’08
treacherous is gon’ lay these motherf-ckers down
haha, down i say, yeah
all eyes on a motherf-ckin’ g
i see ya next year