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crooked i – no stoppin’ carson lyrics


[verse 1: crooked i]
you want to challenge my flow n-gg-
money you gotta pay
you could be better than me just not today
pop sh-t and my glock’ll spray
put you to bed like j. holiday
or the dream i should say
crooked investing his money in property
used to invest it in more weed than i can weigh
how you think a n-gg- balling like dr. j
made money off chronic like dr. dre
the time they giving for blow’s not for play
could’ve took it to the hole but i shot the trey
bought the beamer white man, i copped the boxster grey
mouth closed around hoes, that’s the mobster way
treat it like a murder man, that’s how i was brought up
my own friend didn’t know they was puffing my product
i could teach rappers the code of conduct
i’m the new improved you just like ed hardey is to von dutch
where would lyricism be without me
n-gg-s on my level, ehh i could count about three
chest out ’cause a n-gg- sure as al b
gangsta and a gentleman, f-ck it i’m styles p
test me, my shotties spit deadly
hit you like a jet li karate kick
let’s see your body flip
expect me to probably trip like untied kicks
’cause i’m icing ice picks like gretzky and gotti mixed
that means i rock a hot necklace
that means i’ll leave you neckless
put yourself in my shoes, i got stripes like adidas
but i like nikes so tell me where them checks is
duffle bag paper, another d-mn caper
if you from the bay then yeah you understand yaper
a hundred grams later, suckers act faker
divine intervention means you’re gonna jam hater
can’t stop me i’ma get this cream
them devils shot martin luther, i’ma live his dream
this ain’t no get rich scheme, i got a business team
they make sure my dough is flipping when i spit sixteens

new west or nothing, i’m on the forefront
i’m from c.o.b., that’s cubans or blunts
see me out on the strip, i’m on a wh-r- hunt
but i put that money way before c-nt