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crslyrc – kansas lyrics


[hook: crslyrc]

h-ll nah, we ain’t in kansas!
for the bands, i’m a bandit!
got candids from a canon!
don’t be acting frantic!
she told me i should smile more, i said “give me a reason”!
if you violate the order, i’ma hang that -ss for treason!
see, i dead hoes for less!
no cape, i leave her in distress!
hit a check, i’m bout to cash out!
hit the deck, i’m bout to spazz out!
yea, yea!
now i’m f-cking on a local rap n-gg-‘s b-tch!
f-cking on a local trap n-gg-‘s b-tch!
f-cking on a local fashion n-gg-‘s b-tch!
this n-gg-‘s b-tch! that n-gg-‘s b-tch!

[verse 1: crslyrc]

give her this work!
making that b-tch go berserk, got my hand under her skirt
she know i’m a flirt, never be twisting up dirt
strictly be rolling the purp
ain’t into saving them
balling, i’m chamberlain
this is the game i’m in
playing, i play to win
there ain’t no shaming him
there ain’t no taming him
hungover; i told her come over
that ring in her tongue is appealing
might roll on a yoppa and pill it
i came with a vibe, can you feel it?
she came with a void, i’ma fill it
i break through the ceiling
let’s make us a million
you know how i’m feeling
i came to get messy
the liquor is spilling all over your feelings
b-tch better act like she know
save that s-ss for them other n-gg-s
i’m too hot to hold; gotta grab me with oven mitts
casualties to the savagery
better know who you f-cking with
there’s a shark in the water
and i’m so out of order

[hook: crslyrc]

[verse 2: crslyrc]

it was just me and my n-gg-s, some b-tches
the ratio was right; what a weekend
so many shots, you would think we were balling
i went one on one with a ting
you know what the motive is
high doing stoner sh-t, reaching my quota
smoking that mary, that magdalene
holy grail, godly by nature, i’m prayed up
woke up to a new b-tch
got my old ones mad; couldn’t give two sh-ts
i’m in go mode, fast coming through roofless
and my mojo is active off two sips
caught a vibe, caught a vibe like i was a buddhist
would you ride? would you ride?
would you show and prove it?
n-gg-s die over pride, man that sh-t is foolish
getting high, getting by
maintaining, cooling, cooling
hey! hey! hey!
i had to go get my money up, go get them hunnits up
hey! hey! hey!
up when the sun is up, run it up, hey!
when i come, i ain’t coming to play
dumbing all over the place, i’m a dunce
take what i want when i want it
and i want it now, p-ssy boy lay it down!

[hook: crslyrc]