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csaba – no tomorrow lyrics


hopping out the honda, on our way to make some dollars
wanting commas so my mom can walk along the tropics
she will be my manager, we’ll become our own bosses so no one takes advantage of my talents and plans to not let/my family famish
csaba is unstoppable
thought bubbles? unpoppable
step to me? that’s where you fall like dominoes, i need the dough like dominos
i just hope diamond flows release the pressure off my shoulders, yeah
carrying the weight of the world, i need the weight off this instant
i’m in this to give kids the reasons they should live cause suicide is bullshit, i’m not going to bullshit
the pain it stays, it’s someone else that holds it
there’s light if you just focus, there’s life i know you know this
i know you’re feeling hopeless, but everyone is chosen for important roles in the world so just go get your gold
i’ll give you piece of mind, i’m a minor in his prime
rhyming for the broken and the ones who have to mine
stuck under the dirt? well homie so am i
together we can climb, i just got a build this ladder and continue to flow like there’s no tomorrow

tomorrow’s never promised so i’m popping up with comments, hopping in your f-cking conscious trying to alter it with honesty, i’ll feed it like i’m facebook til i get my face booked
never spittin’ fishy or reeling you in with bait hooks
i ain’t shook of angels or satan, i’m braced for my fate like a face fix
here to replace all the fakes and place them in places where patience can break
then i’ll break them apart from this game, no this art
that i carry in my heart as a part of me
so pardon me if parts of me want to part emcess from our artistry
cause it bothers me to see the dollars these wannabes are always pocketing
it’s not right, all they do is spit words they don’t write
yet they drop new new and everyone gets so hype
shit is backwards, pac, big and l said it
popping percs are parts in playlists? the worlds hell headed!
there’s well headed artists but they can’t sell records
cause they rap and it is well written, real events
apparently that’s not dope bro, got nothing for your nose bro, i’m trying to hit home bro, f-cking drugs will make sure that you got no tomorrow

are we fit for survival? was this in the bible?
disrespectful kids are now going viral, are they good examples for other generations when they come around, bro?
hell if i know, but i’m gonna speak up
i know that i’m short but no one here can reach chubs
i’m just trying to reach the stars with the fam
shooting for the moon, won’t stop til i land
so it’s back to the plan of this rap shit, blind to distractions
imagining mansions and phantoms, and p-ssing some fat ones with all of my fandom, and handing my family p-sses plus all of my fans

never lacking p-ssion and attracting positivity in bulk

treat today like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll leave a mark like zorro