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curls wrld – pilot lyrics


sometimes i look up in the sky and i ask god why
can’t you see i’ve hit my demise and i’m bout to cry?
i’ve hit rock bottom and it’s hard to climb
now i’m laying in my bed tryna clear my mind

i feel like my planes going down and i’m the pilot
had a crash landing and i’m on a deserted island

i send a text and you ignore it
i stg that’s so annoying
can you even see your phone ring?

i don’t give off bad vibes
i’m the bad vibes in person
and i’m sorry if i give them off
i’m inside, hurtin

maybe she doesn’t even care
why do i keep trying?
she probably gonna leave me like my last
on the ground crying

heart feel empty
i’m at the lowest of low
but ima stay in my lane
in this river i row

why do i push everyone away?
i shouldn’t even complain
maybe that’s just how i am
just boring and plain

i’m so sorry if ive ever acted ignorant
i swear i changed and this time it’s different
all the names i called you, i never meant
every second with you is time well spent. (x2)