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currahee – sinking lyrics


sneaking looks upon your face as you’re wrapped inside my sheets
there’s the bed we called our home as you delicately sleep
i’ve spent these past few years watching us sink
wondering what it is you think of all the moments we created, scars upon both our faces leaving you and praying you stay asleep
it’s just become too much to speak
we just don’t feel it anymore
we’re beating a crippled horse pretending it’s already dead
and i found it harder in my head to pretend that you love me half as much as i ever did
the days i lived, loved and laughed, play through my mind
for what i have done and failed to do i am sorry
once i stop caring you’re not getting it back
you get what you deserve
what a loss to spend so much time with someone only to find out you don’t know them at all
sometimes the thing you want most just doesn’t happen
and sometimes the thing you don’t expect, does
here’s the bed where you laid your fears to rest
here’s the place where i took away your stress
i laid and waited for you to come home, you couldn’t so i let you roam
forget the memories when we’re taking moments and taking steps to remake what we helped to break
tonight i’m not letting go
i’ve given my whole life to this and i can’t just turn away
i won’t let this consume us, this ends tonight
i won’t give up on this, this ends tonight
the only friend i’ll ever know is my darkest thoughts when my eyes are closed and panic striken pain my throat from screaming these sad songs about being alone
don’t depend on me