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curren y – summer reading list lyrics


“summer reading list”

this time for all the marbles yall
if not now then when
spit vicious and proud of it
in the future
my city will build monuments
listin my accomplishments
like the soles on my jordan 10s
rock the ralph lauren cardigan
2008 gone with the wind
curren$y is starrin in major motion pictures
life of the set
killin em with the charisma
fly private jets with the wifey
continental for the side piece
but atleast it’s first cl-ss sh-t
b-tches be happy for a shot
at that first cl-ss d-ck
her carry on bag got the purp stashed in
ride around blastin
empty delaware punch cans for the ashes
serious as a heart attack
doin my own thing
and ghost writin on the side
homie try cyrano de bergerac
better lookin
hope i didn’t go over your head
i read alot of books man
in the studio burnin the pound
loakin on a plant of the junior brown
make fly tracks
those go to the zune
b-mpin in the airport
walkin with a crooks & castle duffle full of shoes
my girl got the roll away lou
she hold a n-gg- down
so i lace her up
i drive her vet
and let her take my truck
n-gg-s mad
i see em every second
they turnin greener
the envy eatin em up
they gettin thinner
stephen king writin
keep the lame n-gg-s frightened
air max 95s
red & green
nba live
sega genesis
n-gg- what you think this is
straight up on the real pimpin’
square biz