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current 93 – vauvauvau (black ships in their harbour) lyrics


and words of romans creep in
not written but vengeful
the dead are in the tortoise
the dead are in their legions
and the trojan ponies trot by
graze my little pony
is there torture in the toybox?
or is this eternal rome?
or is this infernal rome?
before black ships were built
in their harbours
for gathering vau vau vau
electronic sixsixsix
black ship ship ship
black ship ship ship
volvaic and marine
slaughterer disguised as honey
babel babylon is burbling with blowfly speech
stuttering channeled messages of birdsight in the empire
and where is that empire now?
imperium! christendom!
shepherd and hermes!
masked with salt and stars
heavybreasted false messiah
peachfaced murderer
dragging beasts and br–sts
skipping to armageddon
in time for tea
and for the weather forecast
falling time smiles fading
as black ships sneak by
raiding lying stars
barbecuing living streams
of all the smiles that come shafting
saturn or moon or sun
is that my lunch you’re eating on the back of dracon?
is that my cup clipped to the bird’s gaudy wing?
black ships are camouflaged as postmen or bureaucrats
they have delivered a loathing rapture prospect
keys to heaven gates are dark
on side of sons and daughters
but they have lied about pi
that number does not repeat to the infinite sky
but is carousel inhabited by all the revenants
returning to fulfilled wires
and use the roots that fall
from the sectarian empire
the nude face striped back
the naked grey mouse
was not in bleached equations
christ! christ! christ!
where is the tide?
the long low roar of the thames?
the sh-ll-shocked seals
k!ller! flower! coil!
there’s crisis in the harbours
the desert is too close
though we have seen it in our hearts
at black ship time
so let’s lock the doors