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curren$y feat. styles p – higher lyrics


yeah, good natured sh-t

all i wan’ do is

seclude myself in the player room
just cl-ssic music and you
how i love when you come through
lovely body, nice perfume
that’s enlightened raise the volume
lace 70’s tunes, as we get in tune
to each other, love
you remind me of my coup
crusin’ on the high rise, makin’ moves
everyday it’s like the runway
cutie pie by one way
bangin’ on my ragtop ’68
hydraulic fluids and thirteens, i call her roller skates
i seen my baby a [?]
if you don’t know, you gon’ learn today
changin’ the expression on a n-gg- face
never run out
mary in here to stay lets build a grow house

grow house, yeah
yep, grow house, grow mansion
let’s just build a future
that sound like some cool sh-t
worldwide legalize

let’s get stoned and spend some currency
and blast show room from curren$y
currently i’m floatin’ off a lot of pounds
quarterback when it’s touchin’ down
inhale, hear the m-ffler sound
i don’t f-ck around, i just puff around
an eighth on the wake and bake
always spend the buck around
a queen dressed in cotoure clothes
mash the gas when the door close
shoppin’ when the mall close
rolex or the g-shock
before rap i had weed spots
n-gg-, f-ck a detox
word to spitter in the jet sign
if you owe me one, see me next time
gas like the hess sign
word to [?], sh-t good like your money is
just a playboy that knows where his bunny is
no jokes on some funny sh-t
legalize worldwide, the grow house is money, kid

i don’t wanna get arrested for smokin’
smokin’ ain’t never killed n-body, n-gg-
legalize worldwide
jet life, block life
spitter ghost
you already know
light one, yeah