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curren$y – intro (weed & instrumentals 2) lyrics


yeah, yeah
dadada dada dada dada
dadada dada dada dada
weed & instrumentals 2
what we finna’ step off into
nothing but the jet life crew
doing sh-t like we always do
which you wish you could do
the chosen few
all about that loot
dadada dada dada
i should drop a few bars to this motherf-cker
but i won’t
i’ma stand still
freeze time for a minute
twist one up, as i advise you to
twist two or three up, four or five up
we got like, 50 minutes of music
might got an hour worth of music on this motherf-cker so
have all your dabs and things in order
have your wax in order
have your pizza ordered
have your fiji waters
jlr stay workin’
gon’ smoke another one for my dog fendi p
i just heard his single
we ain’t gon’ discuss it all the way
can’t tell you who on it and all that sh-t
we just gotta let it drop
my whole family in the building tonight
my inspiration drove me to the building tonight
i’ma get back to that
keep the e in it, chevy’s on switches
n-gg- smokin’ weed in it, laughin’ in our pictures n-gg-, yeah
keep the e in it
smokin’ weed in it
one, two, three into the four
watch spitta swing that 65 from his door
dadada dada dada
eastside on the rise like everytime