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curse ov dialect – bird cage alert lyrics


[verse 1: vulk makedonski]
venetic medical alert
mouse trap
relevant revelation
scorching hot evidence
because borce is not eminence
emulating historian
endangered species greeting victorian
number by number ranking cl-ss
farce uranium issue
misused protector caged up
lyrical page f-ck
same stuff
typical pinnacle regulation
end of the road reputation
cipher connector
misunderstood like a chimpanzee fancy dresser
oppressed patriotic armenian guests
at rsl fests
what’s next?
crack call
smack all pop star
rock star stagnant lobster

[verse 2: raceless]
turn off all the televisions you’ve ever experienced
and make an -ssociation which is borderline delirious
the fear of the art gallery and the hospital is possible
it’s plausible i’m creating a cult that’s audible
stuff your illusions concept of rap sound
‘cuz the frowns that i have to deal with are making me cry
this is dynamite cows that bite with the fishing
‘cuz i got the pygmy elephants with superstition

[verse 3: kaigen]

我が名はkaigen 限界を打開する当代随一の曲者見参 雲心月性の看板に偽りなし 虚名を売り飛ばし暴利をむさぼる世にも哀れな者達と対極をなす異形の出立ち 即ち星条旗を掲げる鳶の胎内に宿る能ある鷹 時なるかな これ以上隠しはせぬ 今し方研ぎ終えたこの爪を他ならぬおぬしに御披露目しようではないか 禁じえぬ怒りのやり場は力ではなく言葉 開口一番 欺瞞に満ちたこの世の中に猛然と異を唱える 閉ざされたかに見えた行く末をこの手でこじ開ける 風雲急を告げる 東洋から来た予期せぬ訪問客 豪州にてその眼を開く

[verse 4: raceless]
internal meddler, smut pedlar, riddler
trillions little pieces of influence introduced me to the fiddler
before i met the koto player with the mbira
i was convinced that you’re just from another era

[verse 5: vulk makedonski]
nova revolutzia za makedonija
vidi aktzia idi bidi besen toa lesen malovazhen
dushmani zboruvat saka borba ke gorat
mora parnet dase smeni i zname dase kreni
i got many
plenty problems
like ancient rock art
stocked apart
propagated segregation
senegalese creation
forgetting veneti-first euro curious
fluoro magnetic tourist
in my homeland
microphone in the form of a shepherd’s staff
feathers and leopard skin bath robe
the last globe
employ energies for the friendly breeze
wash away the lies
lost in disguise
stereotyped ripe suburban flight
shake cots
make plots
flirtations of word making
ethnic macedonian
alone again
god sent
pretentious adventures
suspended in higher life!