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curse ov dialect – broken feathers lyrics


[verse 1: raceless]
cuts like razors and savors deep pain
lifted too high from green metal planes
love is a blood drop
petals are crushed
stomach of b-tterflies from senses of touch
why are you so cold?
i love with ferocity
100% you’ve cemented your property
past envelopes emails and details will fail
i will hail impale to this poor snail
imprinted rebellion show ladies been hurt by ignorant bad men the sc-m of the earth
cradle remembrance mummy will love us
magic box twinkles lost without comp-ss

[verse 2: atarungi]
outstretched palms with
nothing to grasp receive the deceiver who
laughs at the moment
loves meeting means until two grow as one
decisions that fizzle in a state of impermanence
bondage of soul whirling wheel change
deranged in a slip stream of same ideology
static inertia and mental obscurity
increasingly adamant emotions lack purity
joy becomes duty and love becomes law
all virtues wait patient for you to catch up
deliver the clear view from which i can’t hide
a yearning for certainty strive to survive

[verse 3: august 2nd]
convince myself that it’s solitude and not loneliness
so why do i seek better halves as my life long quest
traveled four continents seen the world
many pretty faces but no special girl
age doesn’t wait
time’s running out
what’s soul searching all about?

[verse 4: vulk makedonski]
nervous and jealous
emotions will strike
story telling fires of
liars in night
comp-ssion is lost for
p-ssion for what?
questions are sparked
your true self you forgot
remember them
entering here
clear feelings of fear
centred images of love above where the stars will shine
two stars combine divine travel together through time
devotionless fever of love either here or above
so-called human life consuming wife
hard working husband with love
take care of your mother
nature that is
i want to be the same
who do i blame for being so different?
magnanimous manic stress
hand me a cool glove
raising consciousness
no ones wanting this
so i’m hunting bliss
ego confusing
abusing arguments
sense lost robbing the truth
my heart feels pain
when i gain
a glimpse of your lips