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curse ov dialect – concious terror lyrics


[verse 1: atarungi]
amongst the most honest heart
wading through quality we admit to disrupt
over soundness ov being circ-mstantial &
other excuses irrelevant… is this your position?
seemingly otherwise look at me square in the eyes
i see ignorance swelling compelling confusion
do the pleasant & painful shake hands for solutions?
too big for our smallest adventure
disposition obedient no consequence
a pathological condition perish or join us in mutual
submission you know its time to pattern our lives
to preserve not destroy -ssume
all you want i choose to reenter
the splendour ov being alive surviving to
be… surrender

[verse 2: volk makedonski]
diluted polluted styles rooted in history consistent persistent
conformities i resisted normal paths and ended
up in formal baths cleansing in devils tears rebel’s
spears levelled my fears my dreams of a dream
in infinite dreams militant schemes
energija od sonce
makedonce paganin sin so otovoren
um svesen situatcia reshen bez greshka teshka
zheshka dusha pushka vo raka revolucioner so
maka batka
a never ending saga of complicated
compliments creating confidence ego is evil
money is ideological embodying ideas without
essence of self is like rotting through fear
when presence is felt scenes within scenes within
scenes like movie scripts that i don’t fit into and
they don’t fit into me media conspiracies erase
channels channeling moisture wisdom drops
fogged up television without vision sweat bath
rhythm pagan slav-veneti rabbit wolf skin vision
shamanic chakra innovation in a nation past your
limitations my hearts braking bored with your
presence but i remain present pheasant with a plot
takes a lot to excel let’s re-tell our disastrous
masters narrative narrow minded clarity
charity and welfare well scared who cares for
us when we’re fighting on the front line fighting
for the love that we cannot find

[verse 3: raceless]
please see things further than deep ignore the monkey
noise we speak canto folk blasts on the train
repeatedly i enjoy that erhu frequency this man
thinks i’m mocking and its shocking but i’m
thinking that dope canto loop is rocking this creates
freaks with no alliance but i creep on in my own
defiance sub-cultural belonging -not the other
guys an insecure excuse cos their hurting inside
media fake and world have us all roped and
satisfied greased up and doped scared to lose
luxury how can we cope sucking corporate
phallus on a downward slope question my
identity? the raceless mc once a gothic clown
now just a memory walking straight lines – i’m
zig zag peddling so leave me alone and stop
meddling ehehehehe-e-e-ooh

[[verse 2: august 2nd]
born to conform with the norm work 9 to 5 weekends
cut your lawn computer programmed not to
be a man conditioned robot blackberry in hand
independent woman material girls mannequins
with heart beats tips nor curls i am not suffering
from déjà vu there’s a million people who
look just like you dare to be different with no
equivalence strive for individuality bearing no