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curse ov dialect – draindrops lyrics


[verse 1: raceless]
you’re dancing with the stars in your antique bars
my retaliation’s brewing like an unfed galah
the champagne gl-ss you sip with certainty
i researched your ways for internal surgery
your oblivious insidious money making acts
make me rise up from my sewer of rats
it’s where you will end up when there’s no resources
so i let free your domestic horses
from your prized stable when you finance wars
and i’ll urinate tears on your velvet floors
your crockery reminds me of cultural robbery
third world remnants that are tribal property
you influence ears to affect my own family
lifestyle choices that bolster us annually
i’ll get a new age cd with a synthesizer
glue it to your player and i’ll brainwash you slowly

[verse 2: august 2nd]
recycled creationists brand new destruction
disregard karma b-mptious corruption
poisonous centipedes ruthless villains
lying and cheating politicians
hibernating clones so relaxed
lowly drones remain on their back
disappointing ignoramous
thankless ungracious want to be famous
expanding rifts between them and
us venture to the mantle leave earth’s crust
limitations pushed vented frustration
near breaking points’ desperation
subterranean vigilante teaching people about humanity
cold war guerillas rise
inject feeling into hearts desensitized cl-ss division
eloi and morlocks michael bolt or morgan spurlock
believe who?
now the gods are ignored faith is lost and justice flawed

[verse 3: kaigen (in j-panese)]
遠い昔 遥か彼方の銀河系で、通貨とつうかあの金融界の吟遊詩人は、万物を支配したいという邪念に取り付かれ、紙切れに偽りの神を刷り込み至上の存在として市場に君臨させた…
それが現行の貨幣制度 aka 奴隷制度の発端である…
諸悪の根源の絵描き歌 政府と企業と銀行を並べ、架空の富を貸し付け現実の利潤を生む錬金術を書き加えれば、一丁上がり…

[verse 4 – part 1: volk makedonski]
contested -sset fascist -ssessment template possession of depression look around and then wait my -sset’s are my heart spirit and my conscious mind i’m the wolf in the creek leaking out evidence of abuse in our time memories of the noose six steps to the scaffold broken truce spoken through avenues of generational family values and views welcome to you time to discover yourself all the hidden facts like money profit through pharmaceutical health we need less than help just a shift within ourselves for collective care of all the rest all the best people aren’t the best no one is less equal i can’t stress legal fallacies enough legal entities are telling bluffs agents of occupation we’re occupied because we’re sedated and patient patients in an economic experiment where are all the women and men to sacrifice our pitiful privileged poor excuse for material happiness tap into the source rapping in a uni course uni corn head on collision corruption within the loony law soon you’ll snore with the other clones while your mother’s bones get dug up in the dark to make space for a new car park constructed for consumerism the consumer’s prism the new age consumer currency prison trapped in the flesh while your raps are so fresh so what’s the use of poetry when your not flowing free? like a simple lake that has more beauty than your fake tap water rap quarters selfish slaughter healthy order from the gods above god head rods and stuff that citizens and simpletons except living expenses defenceless and exploited!!

[verse 4 – part 2: volk makedonski]
mythological backstab i’m running with the facts dad i’ve had introspective detentions suspended in conditions of camouflage coming out large only to belittled by a riddle of menacing machines no medicine in the scene so i guess i’m a medicine man with a medical plan memorising memories of a flow in a mountain top tapestry of words tapping birds heads and beaks that speak of deep rooted historical happenings explained as truth the pain is to much much to much for the touch of egotistic fingertips singer trips over sacred microphone with a tone of harmonial ceremony holy matrimonial a hip hop public hanging of all the local phonies parochial pony’s speak like they’re well connected but in effect they’re lonely show me your path and i’ll walk halfway cast away show you my path and see what you say don’t be afraid of a soul that’s not your goal you’ve been winded twisted your times been set crush the clock anti clock wise hands of time but it’s your heart that ticks the light that flicks and your soul still sits and your circ-mference fits we’re unified and cursed in this binding universe universally coerced to burst to our full potential fundamental essential so look around the corner and resist residential resonate the pencil to draw a picturesque blessed futuristic question test to challenge my senses and i’ll see if i can guess guess who? it’s me but not just another mc i’m a brother that’s free staring at the cells that my people are locked in surrounded by hegemonic walls that i walk through with my hand stretched out sketched out offering support but my people accept doubt and can’t step out the fort!