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curse ov dialect – forget lyrics


[verse 1: raceless]
how can i forget all the jealousy and pests?
much respect to the cross and the half moon crest
statues of krishna
ideologies of hitler
fiddlers on my rooftop soundtracks to earth’s richter
reminiscing of my pre-teen love extravaganza
poetry stanzas open minded simple answers
vantage point
i regret my slow decline

[verse 2: atarungi]
catalyst ran away with the fish
stupidest people complaining continuous
a ravenous outbreak
conspiracy tendency cyclic revival
altrusive at most
still we hope for survival
contortion of a self made illusionist
whose proving this?
validity holds true to one’s own perspective of you
a quagmire of residue
anxious of status totality truth turns out to be
nameless and blameless here
objective directive
synthetical tutored infusion personify
wonder why liars reign prevalent?
system comatose
open your senses and see what you know beyond learning

[verse 3: vulk makedonski]
ina far away cabin i happen to be happy
i return to learn i’m trapped
in the same trap so i travel again with no map with no planning
organic repertoire
representing stars
sending cards through the wind reminding my kin
rhyming within
that’s where happiness lies
tapping my thighs
creating atmosphere lapping up the sun
more confident than a man with a gun contemplating meditation
compared to action with revolutionary tactics
fire and ice
desire came twice clock strikes third time
unconscious saviour
lucky to be at peace
don’t worry
i’ll make my decision
brake mind
so many options
vision to the core
soul adoption
rhythm is so raw
stopping at moroccan magical lake
sacred as a rock painting tragical fate
never forgetting the past
letting it last
memories remember me
september tree
the first root to blossom in a never ending dream
wizard on my shoulder
pyramids in the background
visit me when i’m older cause i’m on the right track now!

[[verse 4: august 2]
1989 mock radio announcing
a shitty c-ssette deck and some crusty tape recordings
most people hate the sound of their own voice
those accented ramblings
hiss and white noise
thinking one day that we could be superstars
fat chance though
i was a failure at guitar
prancing around the living room in my underwear
when neighbours aren’t home i really don’t care
cranking the stereo
pumping high b-ss
next door complains about vibrations in their place
fooling around might pay off one day
each to their own style
i got my special way!
i got my got my, i got my special way