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curse ov dialect – honesty in monasteries lyrics


[verse 1: raceless]
consumed by trust but controlled by l-st
watch where you tread hearts crushed like dust
even when peoples lives and wives are bliss
you risk much more by gyrating your hips
next time i pray control is the key
in the front and the back of honesty and jealousy
observe this learning kerb mark my words
when you have gold don’t settle for silver
cos bees and dragonflies are mating for certain
behind j-panese blinds and cold curtains
and burdens of guilt in silt like soot cleaners
in 17th century french vacuum cleaners
the point of the purpose lets cut to the chase
observe what domesticated life creates

[verse 2: volk makedonski]
pressured oppressive type happiness handout
mishaps happening religious so called divine
handout climb for handout for replenishing
pen menacing, letting go of what?
confused minds influencing confused kinds
transparent demands fundamentalist essentialist
many people have felt what feel is
but you feel and list what you felt is real
brainwashed or brain dirty? flirting with religion
let go of prejudice the pastor explains
and claims pains but at the same time prejudice
plagues her brain invades her plain raids of sinful stains
wet and dripping like blood down a stake
and i’ll die for these radical sins of the earth
pins in my hurtful flesh and skin oh lord
enter into my heart steal my brain feel my pain
my unconscious garden of believing in eden
needing and not receiving receiving but not believing un-believable
tears cry out inconceivable fears die out
doubtful differences ideological distances different distant resistance
paradoxical parallels h-ll of a spell tell a tall tale to a sober ghost
and we all fail through honesty’s overdose!

[verse 3: august 2nd]
(never again guys never again)
you cannot look me in the eye
distort the truth deny your lies
craftiness and cunning towards grandeur your running
-ssociates he manipulates never learns from mistakes
cannot take the blame son of man has no shame
rejects liability dissolved with apology
qualities of narcissist temptation he can’t resist
qualities of narcissist temptation he can’t resist

[verse 4: atarungi]
memorised method a travesty for those who chose to stick
to what they think you know a senseless attentive
presents a mirror resounding your creation an idle station purveyor
rhythmic sayer i see the facade
cryptic oscillator amputating the measures
we taken try & understand that we all in this together my brother
splitting seeds with every step you “kick”
i curse your golden entourage a montage ov eclectic schisms & prisms
perspire the liars & watch the laughter turn disastrous