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curse ov dialect – jokes on me lyrics


[verse 1: vulk makedonski]
conscious cafeteria peeling the social construct
feeling local bonds trust is lost at trustworthy cost
frost is frost then hot heated by the boss at a loss
kettle of fish
letters are missed
stamps sent amps vent has
them air conditioned
rare repetition noise
transported lands applauded cornered have you
been reborn yet?
ignore the net break free from
fixation superficial situation
earth plus earth equals
we need more earth
barriers drawn up married to
path paved eradicated cave drawings ignoring
callings falling in a rising way declining prey what can
i say?
speak, speak reach for out of here examples
doubtful samples angles challenging audio
sugar, sugar
sweet affordable fracture
future tennis guy
unseen genocide, is there anyone by my side?
why do i have to ask?
shining nail polish tinsel town laughter
blast into failure rich capitol snitch
apple core poisonous witch concoction with poise and pitch
higher level, higher rebel, eye of the devil

[verse 2: elf tranzporter]
inner be the boundless reign inner be mounting flame show
inner be wisdom gained re-discovered to feed the soul
it will be the founding seed bringing babylon to its knees
fulfill your needs with a magnificent prize
get up upon the rhythm bold soul stand up
get up upon the time beyond the old calendar
with a need to feed the freedom indefatigable raw
is a wakeup call for all warrior

[verse 3: raceless]
i’m older somewhat bolder we need money it’s the norm
it’s a struggle and a juggle
the pressure to conform
in the workplace
i lose face listening to bigots
a mathematical sabbatical controlled by digits
hearing racist comedy
it really bothers me
would it be ethical to stick a knife in properly?
they ridicule indigenous
no i will not stand for this
issues are so misused like accepted prejudice
naivety stays dear to me
reality attacks
most boast and try to fit in but raceless never cracks!
i wish that racist facts are exposed and attacked
how can i be normal in a world full of rats?

[verse 4: atarungi]
uninhibited establishment culling the degenerate sentiments
similar like a question of unsolvable cause
substitute intelligence reinforce this global tragedy
lie to me?
furnish this with the now
a secret touch
winks hysterics for seated critics who bow
in indigenous
no i will not stand for this
in admiration for some truth we deceivably seek
and reap the benefits of your efforts

[verse 5: august 2]
i just want to break the ice
light conversation would be so nice
is it ok if i smile at you?
avoid eye contact
that’s so rude!
hide behind some magazine
engrossed in a book
not to be seen
admit who’s guilty of sn-bbery
turn a blind eye to the friendly
simply affable social interaction
get over yourself
it’s not physical attraction!