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curse ov dialect – media moguls lyrics


[verse 1: volk makedonski]
adjusting adjacent replacement erasing structural satisfaction
punctual patterns atoms to atoms rationing what’s left in a death defying theft
what’s right in a red declining night redefining sight with precise decisive device hand over your un focused stereotypical flight
respond to irresponsible idiot box irreversible video dots
pixelated propaganda keeping you fixated shit flicks tricks created lips taped up
regrettable decibels of speaker damaging silence
managing migrants constructing criminals through subliminal -ssimilation -ssisting your mystical new age
rational economic bionic robotic national slave trade
your not even close to post modern your host is rotten with dirty words influential
scooping up what’s left in my supportive ranks reporting tanks
and warheads hard core heads superstars are more dead than ever clever zombie hippy hip hop wannabe pop cats
so you drop wack tracks while i drop facts and you can never stop that
adopt the crystal pain genocidal tidal wave wide awake face the fake onslaught of cinematic static erratic numbing of the brain
building your walls for a war in a segregated cause penetrating the poor
watch it all on wide screen white dreams patriotic sex fiends and more!!

[verse 2: atarungi]
a self stylized ideal pretentious demeanour from where is its origin these conceptions ov dreamer
cross examining fools you’re most welcome to tour
while these signs ov decline aid to strengthen wack stylings
charlatans provoking reactions not placid
or tranquil descendents ov decadence keep tending
the red tree ov fire fossil fueling desire
wondering roots humming tunes here to chill on your myspace
or facebook refrain from exquisite serrated gyrations
pivot sticklers inclined for square eyes
taking your time & don’t read
come here feed on telly & sit while your brain rots away

[verse 3: august 2nd]
they don’t make films like 1986
lethal weapon, lost boys and other old school flicks
modern movies have lame story lines
predictable outcomes is what you find
the animation is digital
and imagination minimal
messages subliminal
glorifying million dollar criminals
flip covers and read the blog
goonies was shot in -n-logue
commercial finance corporations
corrupting television stations
media moguls ownership
the director is on a power-trip
faulty towers – cl-ssic comedy
survivor is rubbish! axe reality t.v
we base our dreams from images on t.v. screens
we base our dreams from images in magazines
we base our dreams… we base our dreams…
we base our dreams… we base our dreams…?

[verse 4: raceless]
tabloid ideas distort the overall picture
as day to day compliance creates the amnesia
your engulfed in a hall of secrets and bins
click here instantly ignorance makes you win
these problems are so complex and include skin
lowest common denominator throw the token asian guy in!
we are walking talking air conditioner vents
generation wise sucking air celebrity chests
i’m not an amateur or a paid up barrister – i’m a bannister
involved in stares ill challenge ya!
non planticide and f-ck reality tv cheques
your materialistic boots drip with corporate sweat
i silently cry as i observe a young children lenient
but with these technological tools i’m happy for convenience
but young emo minds haven’t learnt earlier lessons
i sprinkle pepper and chilli on post millennium tension