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curse ov dialect – mr. miscellaneous lyrics


[verse 1: atarungi]
listen miscellaneous
override the pressure here
scrolling for the little boy here inside with the backspace editor
pursuing over corridor
walking with the lightest steps
forgetting all regrettables
magnitised open up and explore yourself
title of my newest hand
fabricating package made
conduit disable fable
self esteem for your benefit scenarios

[verse 2: raceless]
existence is an open mind
philosophies will question all
i hope you don’t ever age
with a balaclava on your head
evergreen explorer child
invent and make the patent real
buy your dates and grapes at night with your islamic alim friend
this is just a test
a test to make you feel
show me all your elephants
‘cuz i will chase them down the road

[verse 4: vulk makedonski]
infinite intellectual harmonious transmitter set
components of totality
essential archetypal law more major minor scales
ethnic musicologist
mysterious maintenance making sense
manifested affectionate after effect human helper
don’t mention it!
psychological dynamic dorians
unified harmonic historians
genetics protif soul athletics
aesthetics atheists pathetic
self proclaimed pre-meditated heretics
indoctrination poetic fest
reinforcements of miscellaneous ego heads

[verse 4: august 2nd]
hobo fellow
his fingers are yellow
wears a suit jacket with patches on the elbows
nicotine stained teeth ready to rot
bellowing emphysema cough
talking to himself
mumbling something
a happy chappy
laughing at nothing