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curse ov dialect – multicultural markets lyrics


[verse 1: august the 2nd:]
come one and all from close and far to xinjian’s famous kashgar bazaar
silk and spices all for trade
bargain with merchants to make sure they get paid
fresh fruit and nuts sold by peddlers
fishmongers and halal butchers

[verse 2: raceless]
yah! inuit lovers and wiccan witches tell swiss men to get syphilis itches
peas and gravy cooked by bahrainis
kurdish and english i.v.f babies

don’t use the microwave feel the horizon!

[verse 31: raceless]
presidents of the united states getting involved in chilean fetes
the saami herders and the zulu armies trade all regalia to make origami scientists invest in genetic testing
leave land as it is! pride without prejudice market banquet double a dna khoisan bushmen–aynnnnoo! devoid of stereotype!

[chorus: paso bionic]
c ch e ah ah ch chah ah chah (x6)

[verse 4: vulk makedonski]
novo celo solun is the city
centre of the earth multiculturalism’s birth ancient masters of wisdom wooden flutes swapped for swords
lords of musical chords stores shine a million tribes living spiritual lives
archives in the golden chest a princess blows a poem to the rest
unified fully blessed sharing food what a feast! the best silk costumes moon shines down water spreads

[chorus: paso bionic]
c ch e ah ah ch chah ah chah (x4)

[verse 5: august the 2nd]
those turkish ladies with their veils
hold on!!