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curse ov dialect – paradigm lyrics


[verse 1: raceless]
we are all myth makers on our own capers
the lovers of the love and the haters of the haters
description of a paradigm is it a crime
to turn yourself inside out to make a six a nine?
unexplained phenomena the doors of perception
your mind split into trillions of directions
the sheep follow shepherds and the shepherds follow sheep
you’ve saved a multitude of lives but you still weep
i created a style a genre an attitude
against all the norms – hey world where’s my gratitude?
then it’s another box a cube of a new breed
you’re never really free your idea’s a group anomaly
are you so special? what’s acceptable theory?
for us all the following you sacrifice freely
a glossary for sn-bbery choose your own voice tones
scientific rhetoric beyond – i’m still alone

[verse 2: august 2nd]
common speech tonal patterns forbidden talk about rings of saturn?
extra terrestrial gibberish minority languages tongues distinguished
madagascar bear-cat mongoose alien creatures translation loose
wild unharnessed imagination minds restricted without intoxication
shatter porcelain mould sculpt the clay potters hold
advance mental plains ponder myths unexplained
karmic wonder dimensions parallel scientific spiritual heaven or h-ll?

[verse 3: volk makedonski]
the power metal man with stamina examining the flower petal and
molecules in solitude golden food balanced on cosmic weights
comically awaiting criticism positivism counter culture multi faults in rhythms
solving the little riddle given living in a dream box given that the dream never stops
dropping coptic adopted optics happily handing haptics to non verbal herbal acting
blow the bubble residence show my lover evidence evident level head
american president, presence of a metal head democratic fever demonic or neither?
representing resistance resisting these slave driving pistons list of australia’s subliminal experiments
and criminal inheritance minimal merits and sense imperial green skin
material cynical people tripping over unguided feet be discreet they ask while they make unjust noise boys and girls
what’s destiny? to be oppressed or free?
stressful rhymes in celestial paradigms h-ll of a time to defy the odds obey the gods
become one breaking the sun ray’s days demands
strands of electric eclectic energetic earthly hectic jack in a box jack in a box