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curse ov dialect – renegades lyrics


[august 2nd]

who wants to get married…?

quality begins when you open it up
exposing a quintessential
central nexus
perplexes this wondering
quandering mind shifting emphasis
make no mistake
circles rival transformation to spirals
some hesitate and extrapolate

antarctican seals on the banks of the arctic

omani pearl divers…

…tired and so lethargic
festivities of marriages twinkle in the dark

[vulk makedonski]
turkmeni flutes…

…play revealing noah’s ark
so many bells make my world linguini
watching the sun sunlight with samoan fafafinis
wedding in rwanda with a tutsi and a huutu
hong kong dogs and poodles
called fufu
blue blue

[august 2]
a white wedding with horse and carriage!

[vulk makedonski]
rise and shine
ancient setting
a pagan wedding
avoiding me
exploiting me
a brothers call calling me
colourful embroidery
golden coins
folded groins
horse back entrance
a poor track sentence
do you take?
yes i do
true or fake
express your view
hand in hand
tie the knot
walk into oblivion
olivia living in kosovo
toss a gl-ss
beat the drum
dance all night
feet are numb
took a chance
take a flight
candle light
spirits glow
row my flow
gently in my dream
better be
ever free
merrily let ’em see
working together as a team

[august 2]
who wants to get married?
a white wedding with horse and carriage
beer cans strung behind a limo
shaving foam in rear window