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curse ov dialect – sticks and stones lyrics


[verse 1: august 2nd]
when i was young i hid my legs from the sun
could never understand why my body was tanned
born a fair child
pigment delayed a while
from light shade of skin to darker melanin
kids are cruel when you’re different at school
shed many tears over antagonist peers
god gave me this brownish colour
made it hard to blend in with the others

i don’t blame children for having little consciousness
i can see it in their eyes
it’s not real despise
it’s xenophobia in disguise

[verse 2: raceless]
excavating the depths of my cerebral cortex to the earlier years of kindergarten objects
swallowing clay eating my pencils
making them bent
struggling to talk after my facial accident
scarification to my chin but so young at the time
dr. holmes in parkville and cordial of lime
cats groan over divas with my cot and rattle
six years old again sick forgotten battles
woke up in the ward looking at the cyclops
plastic surgery sesame street and the padlocks

[verse 3: vulk makedonski]
early bird, early age
twirling sage
learning page
information age
turning page
burning rage
concerning mates
average rates
next of kin
stress within
walk off on a photo moment
talk of all the bogan clones yet
parental love and guidance
gliding to the ceiling
my dreams were real
reality felt through feel
flying over power lines to the tennis court
top notch
hop scotch
skipping rope
flipping pot plants into the swimming pool
next door neighbour
respect your creator
punish them
stunning men
childish stunts
put the tyres down
costing me twenty cent pinnie games
many bent thinner frames
when will they sing again?
adolescence spiritual
pure essence fit for all
took a fall broke my nose
slept at my cousin’s house
wept when i’m buggin’ out
call me names
bash my brains
just because we don’t look the same
sticks and stones
to bricks and clones
and i’m here now