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curse ov dialect – stop sarisis lyrics


[verse 1: raceless]
scholars try experiencing the liberian
free thought, hoping and provoking lots of plans to
invade new york
infernal hordes tour outside the
harpsichords broken on forgotten boulevards
media tyc–ns are cartoons with every second june
astral traveling
unraveling organic tested tunes
in the street is the stomping ground lost and found
bricklayers show architects the meaning of a stressful pound
kaleidoscope blueprint design with a
silver arch, french and the german never tolerate the romz-romncahe
cries from a p-ssenger
the most tattooed man in the globe with a camera
sudanese-vietnamese sailors in a wooden shack
hypocritical people conceptualise what’s real or wack!

[verse 2: atarungi]
systematic featurette potentially
ready me for a smooth transition
seamless momentum sound
glimpse echoes distortion
order bring order
decay specific modulations rotate ceaselessly watching
horizons interplay
with clutching organs orchestration
fundamental gently direct me so simple validate this
the tragedy trajectory here and now
and yet again it begins my friend to override
listen to wordplay inside

[verse 3: vulk makedonski]
dimension i mention sci-tension
detention suspension
i’m still here
i still fear
make it clear
serpent servant serving aces in cases of untold creativity
in an exhibition
in habitual intuition a
missionaries mission
missing my fishing hook
swimming i look
into emptiness
empty this
centred bliss depending on frail fraternity
fall eternity p-ssing learning degrees
yearning for me is my family
my spirit
my past steering too fast
life p-ssing in a flash
cash currency currently controlling a soul roiling into
whole vicinity of unlivable
no rhythm at all
dark den
spark when
we make a change
it may be strange
aim light from a flame
to metermorphosize
better morph to size
size em’ up
rise and strut to the new frontier
don’t front here
is this clear
break the mental shackles
snap crackle and pop
tackle a cop or corporate shop
stop the rot
i cop a lot
for my mental trot
but i march on start from my comp-ssionate view
p-ssion for you
p-ssion for us
rhyming smiling and finding answers when catching the bus

[verse 4: germs]
the instigator of reverse influence
to divert your insolence
and give birth
to the earth
with pins poking my driving course
applying force
defying laws of socioeconomic control
with a bread roll banana filled
i march up a hill
the still distilled in the thought process
to focus lightly on the heavy more than likely
to be sweaty but returns burnt in the memory are now ready for your viewing pleasure
i measure time in awareness
though all in fairness
you are the fairest of them all
and i’m just witness to this bareness
share this all across the board
all encounters with god on the mountainous sh-r-s
every sound to record
the resistance of poor
against infamous lords
the rhythms and chords
that cover the walls of my internal corridors
fighting the profit wars
dollar wh-r-s
laughing striking out reasonable doubt then
a seasonal cloud appears to drown out
fears when you feel the need to shout!