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curse ov dialect – twisted strangers lyrics


[verse 1: raceless]
in the red light back in 1985 i winked at the sly ruby in the eye
u try to deny the dialect rise so i emerge from a maltese pie
and i’m a travelogue demigod that racists can’t catalogue
eurocentric’s babble on in there own babylon
holding beijing tea on my right knee
defying hierarchy is my source of glee
living next door to the halal and the kosher store
pulling out my claw so u hate no more
i walk down the streets with groceries and sweets
-n-lysing judges and bigots on the beach
down with the sounds sampling the cows
hoping that they moo i know no bounds
so look inside my palm and you’ll see my past
and you’ll never have to ask what’s behind my mask

i’m irrelevant to development i’m just a key
twisted stranger re arranger cry for me

[verse 2: hemlock ernst]
hang high heavy headed ready handed adversary
kangrai bite from a shanghai flight
lip flip trip adipose my avid rose now savage prose
tissue of a hybrid mind, philipino bloodline
drip from the north to the south sh-r- eat sleep dream on a red eye
thinking it was bedtime, now it’s bedbug plaqued tongue
van broken down on a desert high
unsung psalm, palm turn to back work shirt wet musty like an old dead dog
red dead fog, move over landscape, hand over mandrake root
b-mpin chest plate, boy don’t shoot
child raised idle in a world grown tidal, sine wave violent whirlpool
green eyed girl, mother nature’s autograph on her calf
finds solitude, in a birthmark spark, sun shower ark in the dark
we inhale from a dust we entail
must we learn from the gust of the sail
or the trust we impale
death is just dishonest under veil

paris is burning as various obstacles turning my culture to hodge podge abolishing my sense of self in the hopscotch and rah rah, they say that it’s blah blah, we know it as truth

[verse 3: atarangi]
reinforce syrum of a vision delicate dreams persevear it’s a given over coming hard then we —soft like a flock flying high from the mind of a prison
what about for the beat when it flows spitting dialog lost but i just don’t know how anymore
thoughts of a wild ride settling truth for a howling inquisitive carnivorous shattering shackles apon doorstops limited
forced to believe dwelling in gateways becoming a hinderance

diversify innocence triumphantly despite a growing skeptisism between compulsion and purpose we conjure majestic solidarity keep rising striving to be free
champions vanquish this choke hold my lover