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curse ov dialect – upside down frowns lyrics


[verse 1: vulk makedonski]
comical creatures in k!lli kookoo capers
vapours and papers for the corporate m-sses
gases of love for the world above imaginary scary fairies revolutionary acts
knock knock who’s there?
it’s a big black bear with frogs on his legs and goaties with red pegs
cascade a raid of words to make the birds sing causing a gusto pause to bust thou…

[verse 2: raceless]
how many circuses are in this section?
your animal erection reinforces my protection
irish clovers causes trains to puncture to reveal a woolen cloth called a jumper that old asian women knitted and exhibited upside down smiles are strictly prohibited
nicotine sucker learn to be a quitter
cambodian wedding hangovers!

[verse 3: vulk makedonski]
guzzle the gourmet delicatessen stressed out water ripples and cripples alcoholic slaughter
topelz in mudholes deleting direct information melodic madness inflation
pure and obscure babies on a tennis tour
a serious world macho men turn to girls
inflicting addictive fertile laughter after that the fat and skinny swap meet inleaves for cheese these through vinny!

[chorus: august the 2nd: ]
what is a smile upside down it’s a frown it’s a frown
what is a smile upside down it’s a frown

[verse 4: raceless]
like transit lounge b-lls at charles de gaul
an overnight beard growth in a duty free mall
commuters lie dormant give the man some water
drink from the cursed cup signifies their aura
write a memorandum i can’t stand the answers
kiss the buck tooth of a walrus i call quiz shows
consume the bloom of a flower sensation and disintegrate the scent of locomotive radiation

[august the 2nd]
lifes jubilant elements thrive on cheerful sentiments
fun ridicules are dead serious

[verse 5: raceless]
with comical experiences so hilarious!
august the 2nd:
laughter is the best medicine
jokers forget about worrying
problems and pains may fade away if jovial happiness exists everyday
positive thinking with a merry mind leaves tommorow’s sorrows far behind so utilise your sense of humour and depression will seldom occur
relax let your hair hang down
stop walking around town with a frown
for it never hurts to smile and be friendly once in a while…!

what is a smile upside down it’s a frown it’s a frown
what is a smile upside down it’s a frown