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curse ov dialect – wolf moon lyrics


what-tchewtwomaah nopitoto cee to pee nomutosoo a lie: to the sky

[verse 1: vulk makedonski]
nesvesen chovek drva ni sechi i soncheto pechi zagadenost nema zgoda voda chist
i need to drink
i need to drink
i need to sink my t–th into vegetables with out chemicals
destructive weddings
sense gratification
forgetting relations
with the earth money making nations breaking stations in factories favored over planting trees
chanting these words
birds and herds of bees
native elements
do we want to destroy and employ ourselves as the creator?
we’re tripping wood chipping kicking animals
we’re cannibals
scandals stalled
so-called vegetarians aren’t humanitarians
does that sound humane?
humans’ bones used to build cities
human minds are used for science and appliance to the world’s defiance
acid rain a placid plain smashing brains with materialism instead of realism
what’s real?
hunting for a meal
you don’t notice in your cocoon

[verse 2: raceless]
atmospheric catastrophe
a blasphemous chast-ty belt has been broken by the wealth of western nations causing ill health
slayers of the ozone layer have grandkids who can run for mayor
in the oil and silt of microwave guilt
the scots lose their kilts
the j-panese – kimonos
i’m not alone though
i have the chameleons with wolves and the solar panel channels
that protest on every annual with discredited scientific evidence
by money fatsoes and essos and carbon toxic gallows shopping
push us off the boat into the abyss where we burn
and cancerous cysts blow us to bits in the land of the lost
aha ha
a cannibalistic vegan
begging to get even with the bigoted demons
many are sedatized
conforming to the lies
as i smell the sweet nectar of the fruit flies
environmental consequence
be financially secure
the law of the gold-toothed wh0r- i’d like to devour

[verse 3: vulk makedonski]
beating progression
spiritual relief underneath energies swarm we must mourn
every living organism and give them respect
respect your dreams
perpetual streams of love connected to the moon ancient wisdom forgotten
spotting ignorance a billion brains survive

[verse4: raceless]
the masai tribe
blood is on the western page
this rage i disengage
remnants of a colonial age
they watched the white barbarian enter their culture
watched him rape and take and escape without a mandate
many cultures i embrace
but historically i’m fake
great injustices create non-euros to debate
if i’m genuine not a westernized swine with hatred in his eyes or a try-hard eastern guy
you can’t turn back time on false promises and lies and the medicinal sap in all the trees have slowly died