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cursive – eulogy for name name lyrics


eulogy for name name

soon as you were born, you were aborted
cast away
child of moral doctrine and rape
lord knows, the monsters that marriage makes

lost wolves void of direction
head south, thrown in connections
they gave you no name, gave you no name
they gave you no name

a lifetime of brawling with demons
makes a fallen man
even on his deathbed he’s beaten
pinned by his fiendish inner twin
such turmoil in your head
will it never let you rest?

blank cake, a blank birth certificate
blank boy made a decision
they gave you no name, gave you no name
so, you’ll give yourself a name:

i am gemini

a twin star burst into being

i am gemini

splattered on the orphanage ceiling
the other children ran off in terror
on your dying day, does absolution even work?
on this, your dying day, do you curse the universe…
do you wish you never were?

lost twin screaming in the attic
no remedy, no respite
you gave him no name, you gave him no name
so, he gave himself a name

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