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cursive – hymns for the heathen lyrics


night has draped its cape of stars
over our small town
from the campus and the tavern
to the chapel and infirmary
we’ve seen their dreams
we’ve found the goods
the fables and folly
of the residents residing in…

14 hymns for the heathen
first hymn, the son of god complex
second hymn, the prodigal damsel
third hymn, the tree stump of knowledge
choking on adam’s apple

this odd lot under the cross
this broken promised land
of dreamers and schemers
and preachers and predators.
they shall not want
what they’ve got coming to them
whether innocent or insolent

14 hymns for the heathen
fourth hymn, the p-ssion of the chaplain
fifth hymn, the brute kiss of judas
sixth hymn, sodom falls to ashes
seventh hymn, the church of doubting thomas
eighth hymn, a horse of the apocalypse
ninth hymn, an immaculate exception
tenth hymn, the demons of mary magdalene

i am a chapel, this is prayer book, these are the parables
god, forgive us, this is our business:
absolving sins of all of these heathens

eleventh hymn, the bible belt tightens
twelfth hymn, a leacherous shepard
thirteenth hymn, hiding in confession
fourteenth hymn, an afterword

rocking chairs of disenchantment
green gr-ss of envy and malice
our salad days, living in happy hollow